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I AM PATRICK: The Patron Saint of Ireland

I AM PATRICK: The Patron Saint of Ireland

In 5th-century Britain, a teenager named Patrick was living a prosperous life until he was kidnapped by pirates and taken to the edge of the known world - Ireland. It was there that he turned to his Christian faith and, after years of slavery, made a miraculous escape home.

Then God called him back to Ireland to help the very people who had taken him captive. Answering that call cost Patrick everything: his family, his friends, his inheritance, and even his good name. But nothing would stop his mission to bring the gospel to Ireland.

The four-time Emmy-nominated I Am Patrick peels back centuries of legend and myth to tell the true story of Saint Patrick. Through historical re-enactments filmed entirely on location in Ireland and England, expert interviews, and Patrick's own writings, witness the journey from man to Saint.